How To Become A Top 10% Candidate...Without Hiring A Career Coach Or Cheating


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It's not about hacking or cheating yourself in BUT to use the effective tools like a pro so you are ready for a top job

Important: Only 15 spots available in the Beta Group Coaching, for experience professionals who are serious to not only get any job but a great job

40% already Waitlisted


There are still a few spots left in my private Top-Job MasterMind. In this 5-week Group coaching I show you the exact steps to boost your application to get top jobs (and not stay with mediocre). Only for determined professionals who want to make a leap in 2021. 

The Tools & Strategies Explained:

  • 1:21- What you get out of the MasterClass as Career Starter or Experienced Professional
  • 2:15 - Why McKinsey tells us Job Hunting is the new norm
  • 4:21 - Why I am not a success guru who´s main business is not to sell you coaching, But used all tools as HR expert in the most prestigious companies 
  • 5:39 - How listening to 'everyone' and common job-hunt advise nearly made me lose my career
  • 7:39 - How a CEO at an investment bank saved my career (and me from being unemployed in the Big 2009 recession)
  • 9:55 - Myth 1: The reason Why many professional stay stuck with rejections even if they work hard (and why linkedin does not work)
  • 13:08 - 3 quick ways you can use to boost your job-hunt success based on real science
  • 19:31 - How the System helped me re-cerate my career even with big CV-gaps
  • 23:00 - The 3 Steps how successful professional actually get great jobs and How to use these steps
  • 25:33- Why your application success can triple with a Smart approach
  • 32:49 - Real Client: How Theodara in Nigeria with a 'broken' profile used my Job-Hunt System to get a job in a UK Tech-Start-Up.
  • 32:49 - How LinkedIn can work and helped me get a 150k offer - 3 easy steps you can use to create your Unique Value Proposition
  • 48:30 - The 6 key parts you need master to get better job offers (and enjoy the position)
  • 55:15 -  THE Most dangerous Job-Hunt Myth that destroys your future career

What you Get Today

  • 1:00:54 - Why I decided to offer an online Crash Course next to my in-person Workshop
  • 1:02:00 - How the program condenses everything I learned during +10 Years HR Experience, from investing €10,000s in career courses at the best business school and researching Human Motivation as a Work Psychology professor.
  • 1:03:01 - The complete system in a Crash Course with 6 modules that boost all parts of your professional profile
  • 1:02:00 - FREE BONUS: The Q&A sessions, live CV improvement session and Job-Challenges for faster results
  • 1:05:35 - Why I decided to limit the Group Coaching to max. 15 professional 
  • 1:06:10 - How to join the waitlist and How to get a Power CV Review if you are among the first 7 joiners
  • 1:07:22 - What the World Economic Forum President tells us to do to stay competitive in the Future of Work
  • 1:11:207 - Ask me anything Live Q&A
The exact system to move to a next level position - without the Guru BS:

Waitlist yourself for the Top-Job MasterMind starting early August. Because its a Beta Group it will be highly discounted for €79 (Later I plan to sell it for €499 for the private Group Coaching). You will also have life CV improvement sessions and exact exercises and examples to transform your profile to make a leap in the job-hunt.