Learn The 6-Step Top-Job System For Experienced Professionals To Move To A Next Level Position

(Even With A Normal Profile Or As Career Changer!)

5x weekly intense 1.5 hr closed Group Coaching

Every Wednesday (starting Aug. 11th)

12:00 - 01:30PM EST (New York)

18.00 - 19:30  CEST (Berlin)

or recorded any time

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Top-Job MasterMind - Private Group Coaching Open Now

Make this summer count and join the new 5 week private Beta Group for the most comprehensive Job-Hunt program to rapidly improve the most important parts of your profile, so you land a great job fast. 

By improving these parts, you become the professional who is ready for the job you want, gets more job-offer and builds the foundation for a successful career.

  • The Top-Job MasterMind is the only private Group Coaching program that not only shows you exactly how to job-hunt like a pro – but how to create and transform your unique professional profile so hiring managers want to offer you more and better positions.
  • In this program, we’ll get you back on track on the job-hunt (especially if you have CV gaps)- without the usual application guessing,  interview screwups and salary negotiation dead ends. 
  • Progress is swift, and you'll get lots of support to stay on track and keep moving forward.

No "Guru transformation BS" - But exact examples HOW to transform your profile so its sticks out

You are currently Facing one of these issues in your job-hunt:

  • You know you can move to a next level position but are OVERWHELMED with all the job-hunt advise
  • You have a lack of expert INFORMATION How to write an effective application deck and how to avoid rejections
  • You know the value of a career strategy but don't know WHERE to begin
  • You wonder how to TARGET a next level position that is right for you and talk to HR
  • You feel you are losing your edge or career goals and thus wonder if you should SETTLE for less

You have one or more of these goals but Aren't hitting them

  • You want to move from some mediocre job to a position that EXCITES you
  • You want to SWITCH careers or get back in the game with CV gaps or missing experience 
  • You want a simple strategy that helps you move SMOOTHLY through the job-hunt (from application to negotiation your offer)
  • You want a HIGHER salary and more responsibilities (without having the feeling you cheat yourself in)
  • You want a career that fits your profile because you know it means more FREEDOM

Do You Identify with any of the Goals above?

If so you should keep reading, but let's make sure we are really clear about this. 

This Group Coaching is for you

  • Career Starter (+2 years) and experienced professionals who want to make a leap in their career by landing a next level job that can pay 6 figures
  • Career Switchers or anyone stuck in their job-hunt, who to implement a proven 5-week strategy to transform their professional profile that fits their unique strengths
  • Professionals who are only receiving rejections and want the most effective techniques to get invited to interviews and get job offers
  • Anyone who thinks about getting higher level position and wants a comprehensive program so they step ahead of the competition without an expensive career coach

This Group Coaching is Not for you

  • You are finishing university and have no work experience (the steps work best if we can build on your unique skills and expertise)
  • Professionals who are targeting highly specialized jobs such as government jobs, United Nations, medical professions or prestigious strategy consulting/ finance (I love you guys but you should either use my private advisory or check specific profession guides)
  • Anyone who wants a new business opportunity or overnight success (this does not work as you will need to take action on what I will teach you)
  • People who are struggling with anxiety or depression (please see a clinical psychologist as they will make sure you get back on track with your day to day life first :))

Here’s what people are saying about my workshops:

My online course is based on my in-person career booster workshops with MBA students, career starters and mid-level professionals. 

Max Adel

Management Consultant

Very insightful exercises that opened new job opportunities

Dr. Nicolas T. Deuschel gave a very insightful workshop to our members of the FAUC3M on how to prepare for interviews, build your own personal brand and convince the HR Manager, that YOU are the right fit for their organization. Our members and students engaged in the workshop, tested their abilities and found weaknesses to work on. Thank you, Nicolas, for broadening our view of the hiring process and opening new opportunities to the attendees!

Sadiq Lavier

Law & MBA Graduate

As a fresh graduate finally I know how to get going

CV & Cover Letter workshops can be vague and too broad, but this workshop was really useful as it was very directed to see what you can do as a professional . Nicolas gave us many tips and helped us to approach job hunting in the right way, he also gave interesting information about dealing with rejection and finding our way in the tough job market at the moment.

Ute Block 

Mid-Level Career Changer

I was so lost before, now got my edge back

I want to thank you because I felt very lost. I have being doing my best during many years and now that I feel "ready" to start again going for the next big thing. The program opened me new doors that I didn't think about before and "refreshed" my "faith". Best regards and thank you. 


By The End Of Top-Job Program You Will:

The Private Group Coaching is launching Mid July exclusively for 15 professionals who are serious to make the leap in their professional career.

Each module and the exercises are carefully selected so you completely transform your job-hunt from mediocre to top candidate in just 5 weeks. In this closed group we make sure we leave no one behind, with live Q&A sessions, CV improvement workshops and a supportive community of like-minded professionals 

Created a winning professional profile Based on your Skills

(especially as a career switcher)

Have a Strategy How & where to Target the most Valuable jobs that fit you

(and avoid the application traps)

Nailed a high impact application deck

(even if you have gaps)

Know how to ace the interview

Mastered the negotiation for a higher salary

(so you get 5-15% more)

Crafted a career Plan to kickstart your new job

But Most Important

The private Top-Job MasterMind will give you the confidence that you can land a well-paying and exciting job that fits to your unique profile. You make the professional leap from trying to hack yourself in to compete for mediocre jobs to giving yourself the freedom to choose the position and company that values you and knowing you can grow your career.

I was so lost before, now got my edge back

I want to thank you because I felt very lost. I have being doing my best during many years and now that I feel "ready" to start again going for the next big thing. The program opened me new doors that I didn't think about before and "refreshed" my "faith". Best regards and thank you.

Ute Block  ‧ Mid-Level Career Changer

Join The New Top-Job MasterMind Beta Group.

The Top-Job MasterMind is my brand new, most condensed program for helping professionals improve their job-hunt fast, get better job offers and effectively grow their career with the latest tools from psychology.

It took me 10 years to figure out the blueprint how to land a well paying job that I also enjoy. The methods I show you helped me get several six-figure job offers… and my clients land rewarding jobs they thought were far out of reach.

This Beta program, builds on my in person-workshops and private coaching with hundreds of happy learners, that normally cost €1,000 per participants. Once launched the life group coaching will sell for €499 and the online do-it yourself program for €249.

But I'm making The Top-Job MasterMind available for a reduced prices limited to 15 professionals who want me to help them get a top job.

So you can access all the life trainings, group CV & Cover Letter improvement coaching, and support in the Top-Job MasterMind for only 79€.

As part Beta Group Top-Job MasterMind, you'll have exclusive access to:

5 x LIVE Group Coaching in closed Mastermind with max 15. participants

5 weekly session with everything you need to succeed in the most important parts to a get great jobs (How to Create a Winning Profile, Where to find prestigious jobs & How to write an impactful application, and Impressing in the interview & negotiating higher salaries)

Individual on-boarding survey

Take this complimentary survey so we tackle you’re your job-hunt challenges during the workshop

LIVE Q&A sessions

Follow-up Q&A session after each workshop and LIVE improving your CV session (date TBD) – value €99

The Exercises in PDF

All exercises so you improve your professional profile and work on your application right away

5 weekly follow-up Job-Hunt challenges

These little challenges are directly sent to your inbox so you keep momentum and see massive improvements in your applications (value €99)

ALL is recorded

You can access the MasterClass ANYTIME and review/ do the exercises next to your busy schedule 


Private Power CV Review session in week 2 or 3 with 20 min. pre-call to find the exact position your CV had the biggest impact and then detailed review and improvement suggestions based on your profile. I normally charge 380 EUR for this level of HR consulting. 

Join THE MASTERMIND at a highly reduced beta price - MAX 15 Spots

79 499

Later the group coaching will sell for €499 & the online program for €197
Your credit card will only be pre-authorized until Monday aug. 09. this way we save each other time in case of cancelation. 


Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you do all the exercises and you are not seeing any professional growth with the program, please get in contact directly with me and I will try to find a solution. If you ares still unsatisfied, I´ll happily fully refund you the course.
I offer you this money-back guarantee because I am certain that you can benefit from the Crash Course as hundreds of my students (and I did) did. My goal is that you see how you can massively improve your job-hunt, risk-free.

 What the program could do for you.

Even if the only thing the program does is…

  • Save you from wasting 10s of hours on ineffective application hacks…
  • Improve your salary with my negotiation module by a mere 1% or a few hundred Euros (I strongly believe 10% - 20% is possible thus 5-15k higher salary)…
  • Knowing the tools how successful people reach goals are important to them and how to deal with failures.

Money you can always earn later, but having a fulfilling work-life on your terms is priceless!

Here’s what people are saying about Nicolas course & his career advise:

I feel grateful to people with very diverse background and at different stages of their career trusted me to help them grow professionally. 

Richard Heer

CFO Biotechnology Company

Straight to the point to see progress, while always compassionate

Nicolas compassionate but frank advise during the last years helped me substantially to use my strengths more and move on fast from failures. His wellbeing advise was so valuable to deal with my hectic schedule as an executive and allowed me re-discover my passions next to work.

Vanessa H.

Marketing Manager

Professional and international experience in some of the most valued companies in the world.

The instructor has done such a great job in order to make the course interesting and it is obvious that he has put a lot of effort and thought into all the tools.

Jose Garcia 

Law & MBA Graduate

He's by far the best instructor I've had in the years

Hard-working, able for students, gives information of what happens in the real world, teaches handy things, ... I'm glad to have done this course, it has been the most useful subject I've ever had.

The Only Way To Get A Rewarding Job Is To DO The Things Actually Successful People Do.

Getting a great (and well paying) Job is hard. With the 3 Step KickStart Your Career Crash Course you have a toolbox of how the most successful candidates get better job offer.

It took me more than 10 years to figure out this exact blue-print. Years of hiring myself, dozens of talks with HR and Hiring managers, advising successful professionals in the most prestigious industries and finally researching the science of human behavior as a university professor.

Job-searching, writing your application and acing the interview will be much easier… and a lot more rewarding too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any discounts available?

There is a 50% discount in the launch period for early birds. Otherwise, there won't be any discounts available, as this course already offers you in-depth training that would cost +300 EUR in per one-hour 1:1 sessions.
However, there are 5 full scholarships available for applicants facing financial difficulties. Preference will be given (in order): 1) People at risk of homelessness, 2) Working single parents, 3) Recent graduates receiving state scholarships, 4) late career shifters who are currently unemployed. Please reach out directly to me (Nicolas@deuschel.com). 

Can I not find the steps you mention for free online?

Of course, you can. However, it will most likely take you several weeks to learn the content all by yourself. I strongly believe your time is more worth than to spend it on evaluating job hunt techniques that in the end may not work.
In addition, you run the risk to use methods or tools that are too generic, do not work or simply are wrong and harm your job-hunt. From experience, you could spend all your time on one specific aspect of the job-hunt (applications) but then miss out all the other steps that are required to land a great job (see modules above). In general, I recommend you always check the background and the exact professional experience before you use any tools of ‘experts’.

Why should I take your course and not another course on coursera?

Coursera is a great option if you want to learn a specific academic skill (e.g. coding, python, machine learning). Professional development courses here are rare and are only offered in business school degrees that can costs several thousand dollars.

On the other hand, udemy and similar platform offer you very ‘light’ content on a specific topic. In my view you may spend (and waste) one hour on a course that is very generic and may then try to upsell you a more expensive virtual workshop for 1999 EUR. Save your time and money.

How much time will this course take (I am a busy professional/ MBA student)?

This is a great point as I know how hard it can be to balance your on-going professional job, the job-hunt and your private life. Right from the start my aim was to offer you a brief course that can bring you rapid results. Each module is maximum 1hr and is designed that you learn the most important tools right away. This way you can learn all the techniques on a Saturday.

While the modules build on each other they are independent so you can immediately improve your job-hunt. For example, if you quickly need to improve for an upcoming interview you could jump right away to module 4 (acing the interview) to apply the techniques right away. You can then still return to the other modules as you move on with the application process.

What experience do you have in the job-hunt? Are you a guru?

No I am not a guru and also not a coach. Many (career) coaches never hired themselves or build a successful career on their own. Their main business is to sell you unproven tools that stuck you into ever ongoing ‘self-improvement’ workshops.

My main profession is professor one of Europe’s leading business schools, while being a work psychologist and corporate advisor to senior manager. This course condenses all the techniques and tools that I used to land great positions during the last decade. Next to hiring in various industries I lead talent strategies as an HR Vice President, Corporate Advisor to CEOs and in workshops with HR leaders. I am very open about my experience and you can always reach out to me via LinkedIn.  

What guarantee can you give me?

I offer you a 21-days satisfaction guarantee. If you followed all the modules and did all the exercise and still are unsatisfied with your progress, then I will try to my best to find a solution for you. I know how hard it is to land a dream job on your own and therefore I will reach out to you directly to understand what challenges you face. If we do not find a solution after we talked I will happily re-imburse you the course.

I only need some specific advice (e.g. CV improvement, interview preparation). Do you offer this?

If you need specific advice on your CV or Cover letter, then you can either 1) reach out and volunteer to be a participant in my application booster session or 2) book an in depth 1:1 session (330EUR). The session will consist of a quick 15min call to understand your most pressing application needs and a follow-up 45min call with exact guidance. However, I only recommend this to mid-level professionals or MBA students. Please note that due to my research and corporate engagement spots are very limited (at most I offer 4 sessions a month).

Warning: This Program is Not a Get-Rich-Quick Business Opportunity

Unfortunately, there are many ´experts´ or gurus out there that will try to sell you ´systems´ to hack your way into success. Easy shortcuts, over night transformations and get rich fast schemes.

Someone will then promise you all the riches if you just: 1) subscribe to this one more workshop, 2) get this one last master class and have 3) this one last in person elite coaching. You may spend thousands of Euros on ineffective advice and worst may lose out on your job because you never started.

To be very clear and for any future confusion: This is not a Business Opportunity.

There is No Success Guarantee. This program will do nothing for you if you don´t work on yourself. I base the examples on actual experience but with no kind of guarantee for income, higher job positions or results.

In all honesty, I think everyone has to work for their own success. People may guide you, but ultimately you must become the professional yourself who actually is ready for a top job. What I am offering here is actual, real life and (science) proven job-hunt knowledge and techniques. If you want to succeed, you will have to be a professional and do the work.

What you make out of the program is up to you. I will try to help you on the way, but you will be solely responsible for your success.

If you dislike this and expect a transformation program where you don’t have to work or take no responsibility for your professional growth, then this page is not for you.