Ready to thrive not struggle in your work-life? 


Nicolas is a thoughtful, considerate, and articulate partner.

His work and insights have been foundational to our organisational success.

Prof. Nicolas Till Deuschel, Ph.D.

Work Psychologist, Researcher & Advisor

This is not coaching with endless finding your purpose exercises...

But a brief, intense and proven 1:1 program

where I tailor the most effective tools to you, so you move ahead fast in you job-hunt, career or work-life

Let Me Help You Up-Level Your Work-Life

Free Strategy Call

In this strategy call we can discuss any work-life challenge you face. You can pick my HR expert & Psychologist brain so we can define where you are struggling right now and look at potential solutions. 

  • Do you have doubts about your career, your next job or finding a work-life balance?
  • Are you unsure how to ask for a higher salary and are scared you (again) miss out on a salary you are worth? 
  • Is your motivation low or you are in a rut because you just don't know why and where to start?

You don't need some random guru advise or life hacks. Nor do you want some life coach who never worked themselves in a competitive industry.

What you need is someone who knows how it is to perform in a high pressure environment and who can give you the best science-backed solutions so you see fast progress.

Someone that can help clear the brain fog, provide strategic advice, and create a plan so you take action.

If after the first complimentary 20min your decide on a private 1:1 consultation session, I’ll work with you to formulate custom strategies and share unique insights meant exclusively for your work situation.

You’ll walk away with actionable strategies and ongoing value, ready to take your career or life to next level.

Step 1: Assess

We have a short free discovery call where I see if we fit together. Regardless if we decide to work together, I will ensure you get out of the call with new insights for your work/ career or life that you can use right away. 

Step 2: Tailored Action Plan

Based on on our initial call I will select the best proven tools in work psychology that fit to your problem.

I will analyse the exact problems you face and then I will give you action items you can take right after to see progress. 

Step 3: Make the change

You will have clarity in which area you should focus on and concrete action items to work on during the next weeks.

I will follow-up with you to see your progress. 

Any tests or assessments are included. As a Dr. in Psychology I pride myself to only offer you tools that work in the real work.

Between sessions you have online support and I will check-in with you regularly to see how things are going. 

About Dr. Nicolas Till Deuschel

For more than a decade I re-created a work-life on my terms: starting in strategy consulting at McKinsey and Roland Berger, to becoming a global HR Vice President at a Fortune 500 - to finally building MY way as Corporate Advisor & University Professor. During this time, I also discovered and tested my passion to help organizations and employees build a thriving work-life. 

I offer you evidence-based tools that are fitted to your unique professional challenges. I am a professor at Spain´s leading Carlos III University and hold a Master of Science from Oxford University and a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from ie business school. Thus, everything is backed by science. But I ensure my tools work in practice by closely working with executives, founders and HR leaders across various industries.

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  • University Professor in Work Psychology at Carlos III University in Madrid (leading school in Europe by Financial Times)
  • Master of Science in Management Research from the University of Oxford
  • Ph.D. Organizational Behavior at ie Business school
  • Clinically diagnosed in my thirties with ADHD… that’s why I hate details, but it really helps me to find passion for things
  • Re-created my career 4 times, 2 times I got that great job but really did not like it
  • Mastered a way to get 6-figure job offers… still apply to jobs sometimes just for fun and to check my tools before I show them to my clients
  • Nearly burnt out twice… with severe anxiety…that’s why I did a Ph.D. in Psychology Science, as I know how hard/ lonely it can be when you want to grow your career
  • Several years’ experience in strategy consulting (McKinsey London & Roland Berger Zurich)
  • Global HR Vice President for a Fortune 500 (Swiss Re), where I oversaw the entire Human Capital Strategy and helped saving 8-10 MLN EUR
  • Later responsible for the Employee Engagement Strategy and Diversity & Inclusion strategy (lots still needs to be done)
  • Created my own 100,000 EUR/ year freelance business next to studying full-time my Doctorate (and enjoying my life) – after graduating in the great recession and struggling to even put the cheap Tesco pizza on my table I swore I never ever want to be poor again
  • Member in the Advisory board of a growing start-up, personal advisor to the start-up founders at Aqai
  • Love doing workshops & panelist with managers, executives and C-Suite of some the biggest companies (Swiss Re, Zurich, Dell, Toyota, IBM)
  • Several best teaching awards and speaker at key conferences (Academy of Management, Berkeley Haas Business School)
  • 1 patent pending (really proud of it) for an AI tool that measure how well you adapt to change
  • Featured in a mini documentary by 22-time Emmy award-winning director Nick Nanton
  • Never want to be dependent on a mean boss or crazy colleagues so I created this website so you can use evidence-based advice so create a work-life on your terms
  • Some weird obsessions with flying long range business class – can't wait until we can fly again
  • 4-day work week… more or less (sometimes 2 days sometimes 6 days)
  • Very long sleeper… (10 hours are perfect) and at times lazy

Here’s what people are saying about Nicolas course & his career advise:

I feel grateful to people with very diverse background and at different stages of their career trusted me to help them grow professionally. 

Richard Heer

CFO Biotechnology Company

Straight to the point to see progress, while always compassionate

Nicolas compassionate but frank advise during the last years helped me substantially to use my strengths more and move on fast from failures. His wellbeing advise was so valuable to deal with my hectic schedule as an executive and allowed me re-discover my passions next to work.

Vanessa H.

Marketing Manager

Professional and international experience in some of the most valued companies in the world.

The instructor has done such a great job in order to make the course interesting and it is obvious that he has put a lot of effort and thought into all the tools.

Jose Garcia 

Law & MBA Graduate

He's by far the best instructor I've had in the years

Hard-working, able for students, gives information of what happens in the real world, teaches handy things, ... I'm glad to have done this course, it has been the most useful subject I've ever had.

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