February 26

Learn how to grow to your next career level…By first changing your identity

In this video I show you the exact 3 steps you need, before you you can grow to the next career level.  

After watching this video, you'll understand:

  • Why most professionals fail to move to the next level position even if they have great skills
  • Why you must FIRST create your next level professional identify and only AFTERWARDS will see true progress in your career 
  • How living up as a next level professional will help you get closer to your dream job 
  • 3 EASY STEPS you can do right now to build your next level professional identity & should do before you target your big job goal
  • 3 EXTRA challenges that will help you get started right now so you grow your professional profile

Time for You to Take Action

step 1

Create and tell your new level identity

Pick the next career / job level you want to be at. For now, just take the next higher position (e.g. you are a Marketing Team Leader and want to become a Marketing Manager). Be very specific of the title and know EXACTLY what (roles and tasks) are required at the next level.

Now challenge yourself. Every time someone asks what you do in life or how your job-hunt is going say “I am in process of moving to XX (the higher position) position”. It will feel weird and uncomfortable therefore try first with people you do not care about. You will be amazed though about the changes you’ll see.

step 2

Study and model someone who did it

Try to find someone at your next level position. Ideally pick a person who was at your level 2-3 years ago who is working at a company/ location that you don’t care about (much less intimidating).

Study their profile, specifically what did they study, where and how long did they work at each career step and how they describe their current role. You now know exactly what can bring you to the next level position.

If you want to challenge yourself: ask them for a quick call/ coffee to know about their role (people love to talk about themselves). However, give them a way out AND NEVER ask for a job.


Learn and speak the language of a next level professional

If you completed the second step, you will know what tasks and topics are important at the higher position. Study material that a person who already is at your next level position reads. For example, read business magazines for Marketing Managers, create a Google News alert for key phrases.

You can also challenge yourself and go to local (virtual) industry events as a private person that are targeted to people at your next level. A super challenge would be to tell your new story (step 1).


One of the biggest (re-) discoveries in recent behavioral science is how important our surroundings (place and people) are on how we think, feel and behave. Very simplified: We always adapt to our surroundings, which can enhance or limit our performance.

Therefore, if you want to move to your next professional level, interact with people who are successful in your dream job. However, this can be difficult and intimidating.

One simple way is to take “mini winner vacations”. You schedule a few hours in an inspiring place where successful people hang out. For example, this could be a lobby of a five-star hotel (I love th lobby of the FourSeasons in Madrid - pictured), flying first class or simply having a Starbucks coffee in downtown. Use the vibes and energy to create your next level identity and then apply to competitive jobs straight away. Remember, no one will ever know if you fail, so go for it! THEN treat yourself with a nice coffee or fancy lunch.

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