Launching Now: The exact system that helped me re-create my career 3 times, negotiate $25,000  higher salary & enjoy what I do - as a career switcher and NOT paying a career coach

Don't settle for less: Make 2021 the year where you land a great (and high paying) job fast - even with a ´messy´ profile and little or not the right work experience. 

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You don’t more need application hacks… You need a system to grow your professional profile

In these uncertain times a great career (that pays well and that you actually like) can seem out of reach and you may wonder if you now have to settle for less. 

Are you frustrated in your job-hunt? 

You send out (maybe hundreds) of applications but without seeing results?

You have the feeling you are wasting your time as you try to figure out how to land a new position?

You are scared you will lose out on a truly exciting career as everyone seems more qualified than you?

You may even be angry at yourself to miss a good salary as you screwed up the negotiation?

As an ambitious professional you studied hard to prepare for a competitive job-market. 

When you started your position you wanted to make a difference and eventually enjoy a fulfilling, interesting and (yes) well-paying career.

And the truth is, you most likely know what a successful career looks like. If a friend asks you “how do I write a CV” or “what do successful people do in business” you probably have an answer.

There is just one problem…

When it comes to creating your own career and landing your great job (one you enjoy doing and that pays well) you struggle.

You know you have the skills and willpower to step ahead. But you don´t know why it is not working.

Most likely you also listened to all the success podcasts, studied application tips and tried countless job-hunt hacks. And maybe you even spent hundreds (thousands) of Euros in coaching or never ending ‘transformation’ workshops.

How often do you end a week feeling fully satisfied that you got closer your dream job?

On how many weekends did you look back and were proud that you DID apply to that position that really interests you and would bring you to the next level?

And how many weekends do you tell yourself “I applied to so many random jobs but nothing seems to change? Maybe I should just settle for less”.

“I just need to figure out this one last thing and THEN I will apply and get back into the game. Next week”

How often did you actually improve your professional profile and confidently used your strengths to approach recruiters, to shine interviews and demand a higher salary? And how many times do you end a day where you wanted to polish your application deck but then get stuck in changing tiny aspects or formatting that all don’t matter.

And sometimes there is just too much to do. You know you should invest time in your job-hunt, but you are overwhelmed how to start or simply lost your motivation in this never ending pandemic.

Maybe you ask yourself (I did so often)?

  • If you should give up on your dream job and settle for less? 
  • Stay with a mediocre and lower paying job?
  • It is too late to make the Big Move to create a successful career?
  • It is far too hard to do what a top talent does to win the job-hunt?

Of course this is normal. Especially in a fast-changing business world, where LinkedIn notifies you instantaneously about the next outstanding promotion of your former classmate, while it also tells you your rank compared to other candidates.

And then there is such an emphasis on ‘true talent’, the most outstanding candidate and an obsession with ‘studying the super-successful’. This can be intimidating, overwhelming and simply demotivating.

The truth though is that only you will be responsible to land the job and launch the career that you like. And if you you want to see true progress in getting closer to your dream-job, then something has to change.

Why application hacks and success tips don’t work

I am sure you tried them (I used them all).

The ONE next thing to change your CV or Cover letter. The newest hack to win the interview. The sure-fire way to trick your mind to demand a higher salary. and people do not shy away to give you (unsolicited) advise what to do.

And… Most likely nothing. Maybe you got a little motivation rush but when you actually wanted to improve your profile, target that higher position and confidently negotiate your salary they did not work.  

The success gurus want to get likes on facebook so you share their “10 ways to reprogram your mind to become a CEO”.

But their ‘advice’ is too vague or simply does not work for your profile. Also it just sounds so much cooler that you can boost your job-hunt game just by listening a five minute video or paying someone to redo your CV.

The problem is that hacks they won’t change how you get more and better job-offers.

Most success gurus, CV trainers and career coaches never had a career on their own.

Their advice is well-meaning but ´pseudo believe in yourself tips' do not work. You know they never hired someone (or got hired into competitive places), passed an interview or faced the real competition in consulting, banking and corporate.

You then do countless 'finding your purpose' workshops, spend months getting on ineffective 'mindset' workshops and still have to figure out WHAT to actually do on your own. But your problem is rarely about finding your true purpose. 

Your problem is knowing how to get the job you want and then you can create your purpose on the way.

What matters is to become the professional who masters all parts of the job-hunt

There is a solution to all the problems mentioned above. It does not require months (or years) on studying application tips, investing into expensive coaching nor re-creating your career from scratch.

You need the exact step-by-step system that actually successful professionals use to win good jobs. It took me ten years to figure out the blueprint how to be on top in the job-hunt. But once I figured it out, it helped me land several 6-figure jobs, despite gaps in my application and being a career switcher. 

 With the KickStart Your Career program you can rapidly improve the most important parts of your profile. By improving these parts, you become the professional who is ready for the job you want, gets more job-offer and builds the foundation for a successful career. You will not have to cheat your way in or keep saying success mantras.

Once you see progress in your job-hunt you will be amazed how easy it is to target the right position, write an application deck, get call-backs and may even enjoy negotiating a higher salary. In short you won’t need application hacks anymore as the system improves your professional profile naturally so you can confidently compete for a great job.

The guided KickStart Your Career Program

Brief, effective & specific job-hunt program that transform your professional profile to a top candidate so you get better job offers in just 5 weeks!

Kickstart Your Career compiles the most powerful techniques + strategies I’ve used into a simple, step-by-step method so you BECOME the professional who is ready to win the job-hunt, get's a better position & launches a successful career.'

Although it is brief it is a complete program. It condenses dozens of in-depth conversations with hiring managers, Heads of HR and Talent Director to offer you the most effective tools the best candidates use to see massive progress in the job-hunt & launch a successful career.

This system helped me re-create my career 3 times while landing six-figure positions (as an outsider). 

It worked so well during the last decade that I thought it to my friends, later MBA students and now clients during in-person workshops. The sole aim is to offer you a complete program so you see rapid results in your job-hunt. Each module equips you with all the videos, tools and exercises so your application sticks out from the competition and you are best prepared to land a prestigious job.

Launch offer (30 spots max.)! Enroll as an early bird and get a 50% discount !

It is NOT a collection of application tips & tricks.

It is a proven system that transforms you into a top-level professional who Takes charge of your career.

The best advise from my executive workshop (without 'guru' bullshxx or spending 4 figures), that teaches you the exact steps how to build a winning profile fast and continue your growth as a driven professional. All so you get more and better job-offers fast!

It is different to quick job-hacks or expensive transformation programs out there: 

  • No endless coaching, mindset exercises and expensive follow-up workshops - BUT Smart steps to improve the most important parts of you profile fast
  • No hacks, ineffective general find your purpose talk and "secret code" talk - BUT effective techniques and exercises that actually successful candidates use and that are proven by science (I am a professor a leading university)
  • No figure it out all by yourself, stuck in overwhelm and doubting yourself - BUT a Guided Program that makes sure you are not left alone, shows you live exercises and also challanges you to keep going.  
The success formula of Top Talent to 6 figure jobs:

Stop application overwhelm & working on hundreds of (mediocre) applications 

You will only focus on key parts that show fast results for more job offers.


Enough generic advice & wondering why you keep getting rejections

You will only use tools and techniques that are proven to improve your application.


Don't figure out everything on your own & Stop self-doubt to play small

Guidance to encourage you, with live exercises and answers your questions.

It does not help to play small!

Everyone competes for the mediocre position BUT not many at the top.

What the KickStart Your Career Program Can Do for You

For the first time ever, I’m teaching the approach online that I’ve practiced and refined for over a decade, for getting more and better jobs.
My goal is that you realize that there is a proven approach to win the job-hunt. All without guru advice or having to be the best candidate. Yes, it requires your active work but the steps are simple and highly effective. Most candidates will never do these steps and thus you can put yourself far ahead of the competition.
This is the exact approach I’ve taken to land positions in the most prestigious companies and to re-create my career several times while winning 6-figure positions. All with CV gaps, graduating in the big 2009 recession and without hacking myself into an interview or without needing to compete like crazy for the jobs that are ‘easy’ to enter.
I’ve created this program that teaches you exactly how to build a professional profile with an application deck that recruiters want to invite, how to confidently enter a next level position based on your strengths and how to negotiate and grow your career in top-level positions (without having to spend $$$$ on coaching or in workshops).

Fast Application Results

As a busy professional you want to see rapid results. But knowing WHERE and HOW to start can be overwhelming.

Each module and the exercises are carefully selected so you completely transform your job-hunt from mediocre to top candidate in just 5 weeks. But by doing the quick-wins you will see application results right away (while you  continue optimizing your profile with the other modules).

(Re-) Discover Your Passion

Maybe you lost your passion or believe that there is no rewarding career out there for you. In the program you will discover Why you don’t see results, How you can create your unique niche that naturally energizes you to go big in the job hunt and What you can do if you have gaps or a ‘broken profile’.
No “dream yourself big” BS but straight proven steps from psychology you to  land a job you actually like. 

More & Better paid Job-Offers

The only way to get better positions is to stop what everyone else does but to start doing what successful candidates do. The Program will show you the exact steps to transform your profile to a top candidate (e.g. the formula that helped me easily win +20,000EUR higher starting salary).
Employers will want to offer you a job and will be happy to pay more. 

Grow to the next career level

Yes - once you become a successful professional - you will have setbacks as climbing the career ladders requires you to overcome failures. The program will not only help you get more job offer but also help you grow your career after you landed your job.

You will lay the foundation to be a successful professional who confidently moves to better positions, regardless of the challenges (economy, middle age, layoffs).

Here’s what people are saying about the course:

My online course is based on my in-person career booster workshops with MBA students, career starters and mid-level professionals. 

Max Adel

Management Consultant

Very insightful exercises that opened new job opportunities

Dr. Nicolas T. Deuschel gave a very insightful workshop to our members of the FAUC3M on how to prepare for interviews, build your own personal brand and convince the HR Manager, that YOU are the right fit for their organization. Our members and students engaged in the workshop, tested their abilities and found weaknesses to work on. Thank you, Nicolas, for broadening our view of the hiring process and opening new opportunities to the attendees!

Sadiq Lavier

Law & MBA Graduate

As a fresh graduate finally I know how to get going

CV & Cover Letter workshops can be vague and too broad, but this workshop was really useful as it was very directed to see what you can do as a professional . Nicolas gave us many tips and helped us to approach job hunting in the right way, he also gave interesting information about dealing with rejection and finding our way in the tough job market at the moment.

Ute Block 

Mid-Level Career Changer

I was so lost before, now got my edge back

I want to thank you because I felt very lost. I have being doing my best during many years and now that I feel "ready" to start again going for the next big thing. The program opened me new doors that I didn't think about before and "refreshed" my "faith". Best regards and thank you. 

Based on more than 200 happy learners

My course builds on my experience with more than 200 learners. These professional employees or (MBA) students at leading business schools- took part in my in-depth workshop and landed positions at the most prestigious companies. 

I feel very honored that I received several best teaching awards.

+ 10 years HR & recruitment experience

Use real-business advise & don't settle for 'gurus' who never worked. The tools & techniques are applied from + 10 years in HR, recruitment & executive advisory. Access insider tips of top talent from the dozens of talks I had with top HR leaders, Talent Managers and Recruiters.

Affordable evidence-based advise for rapid success

My main purpose in this course is to equip you with the most important tools so you see rapid success in your application. This is a complete course of 6 hours with guided exercises is based on my advisory which I normally charge 330 EUR per hour. 

+10 years HR experience & scientific tools condensed into 6 modules for rapid results. 

Each module is designed to show rapid results on its own. This way you can prioritize the most important parts to see the job-hunt results you need right now.  

Module 1: Shifting to a Winner Profile

Why you need to stop all the main-stream job hacks and guru advise that promise fake success.

Instead learn a science backed system how to create your own winning profile so you move from a mediocre to a top talent professional. Discover how to use your winning profile to energize you to take action in your job-hunt.

Module 2: The Magnetic Application Deck

Recruiters only take 60 seconds to decide on your application deck. You can´t win this stage with common CV advise.

Discover a simple technique to write a convincing cover letter and optimize your CV so it sticks out. Also see how you boost a mediocre profile (or gaps) without having to cheat.

Module 3: The Job Search Enhancer

Most job-seekers send hundreds of applications without seeing any progress. Stop getting average results by doing what everyone else does.

Learn how to target the right job platforms so you cut your application time drastically and get more calls backs. Also get your foot into the ‘hidden’ job market and start creating your own job niche so recruiters approach you!

Module 4: Acing the interview

Simple interview prep questions won’t cut it to ace the interview.

Discover the interview blueprint, how to avoid common traps and make a lasting impression with your future boss. Use behavioral science tricks to position yourself as a top candidate and to ace even the trickiest interview questions.

Module 5: Negotiation Master

Unfortunately most successful candidates always undersell themselves.

Discover how to find a higher but realistic salary expectations. Learn the step-by-step blueprint that helped me negotiate in just ten minutes a 20,000 EUR higher starting salary. Master the full negotiation cycle based on latest science and learn when to walk away.

Module 6: The Career Booster

There will be setbacks, especially if you for the most prestigious jobs.

Create a resilient proof job-hunt plan and learn how you can turn failure into long term wins for your career.

Finally, understand how the most successful professionals kick off their career in a new job and steps you can take to create a successful but fulfilling work-lifer on your terms.


Get even more from this program.

More than $700 USD worth of bonuses

Bonus 1

$149 value

In depth CV & Cover letter building session

Although we spend plenty of time on perfectionizing your high impact application deck

this bonus session hoes more in depth.

Watch over my shoulders how I give feedback to real-life applicants and what we do in practice to improve their CV and Cover Letter. 

Bonus 2

$199 value

How to unstuck yourself & get back your edge

The job-hunt is tough and staying motivated that you can actually achieve that next big job-goal is even harder. 

In this 60 min session I show you the latest positive psychology tools so you identify what holds you back and how you can use your unique motivation to perform best. As a professor at a top European University my goal is to show you that there ARE proven ways that can bring back your motivation and put you back on track. Even if you are completely lost, overwhelmed or simply gave up there are ways to bring you back to a succesful career.  

Bonus 3

$99 value

The Job Booster Challenge

This is actually one of my favorite activities to see massive transformation.

You will have 5 weekly challenges that will boost you job-hunt success. They may be out of your comfort zone but you will be proud of the result you will see. Don´t worry, I will tell you exactly what to do and you won´t be left alone if you struggle!


$299 value

5 interactive 1 hr. Q&A sessions

For the launch of the Career Crash Course I will offer 5 interactive sessions that run weekly where you can ask me live questions to boost your application. The sessions will be limited to a maximum of 20 people to ensure everyone gets the most value. 


About The Course Teacher,
Dr. Nicolas T. Deuschel

Dr. Nicolas Till Deuschel is work psychologist, corporate advisor and expert on employee effectiveness and the future of work. He builds on more than a decade recruitment and HR experience as a strategy consultant, VP in a Fortune 500 overseeing the entire HR strategy and as Human Capital Advisor to Multinationals.

With a Master from Oxford University and a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from ie business school his evidence-based tools equip driven professionals to own a fulfilling work life on their terms. 

He developed his passion for understanding why and how employees thrive after graduating into the Financial Crisis of 2009 and starting his career in strategy consulting at McKinsey (London) and Roland Berger (Zurich). He quickly realized especially high achieving professionals were struggling with sustaining their fulfilling work life. He therefore moved into a leadership position as a global Vice President at a Fortune 500 where he oversaw the entire HR Strategy and created an Engagement and Inclusion strategy.

As he knows how challenging it can be to find and keep a well paying job in a highly competitive work world, he is determined to help you with simple & effective steps so you land your dream job.

In his in-person career builder workshops he taught hundreds of learners how to use a proven system to find and land a dream job. In addition he taught MBA and graduate courses where he received best teaching award prices.  

Here’s what people are saying about Nicolas course & his career advise:

I feel grateful to people with very diverse background and at different stages of their career trusted me to help them grow professionally. 

Richard Heer

CFO Biotechnology Company

Straight to the point to see progress, while always compassionate

Nicolas compassionate but frank advise during the last years helped me substantially to use my strengths more and move on fast from failures. His wellbeing advise was so valuable to deal with my hectic schedule as an executive and allowed me re-discover my passions next to work.

Vanessa H.

Marketing Manager

Professional and international experience in some of the most valued companies in the world.

The instructor has done such a great job in order to make the course interesting and it is obvious that he has put a lot of effort and thought into all the tools.

Jose Garcia 

Law & MBA Graduate

He's by far the best instructor I've had in the years

Hard-working, able for students, gives information of what happens in the real world, teaches handy things, ... I'm glad to have done this course, it has been the most useful subject I've ever had.

50% launch discount ends on

April 2nd 2021


The full program at your hand




  • Access to the Career Crash Course in dedicated webinars and life-time access to recorded sessions
  • Specific exercises & workbooks for each module
  • CV and Cover letter building session ($ 149 value)
  • Optimize Headhunter Mini session ($ 149 value)
  • Job-Hunt Challenger ($ 99 value) 
  • 5 weekly Q&A calls with a maximum of 30 participants (FIRST 30 SUBSCRIBERS ONLY)
Ultimate 1:1

(only 2 available)

A tailored career program with in depth personal advisory using the  same effective tools as in my executive workshops.




  • Full Premium package
  • 4 dedicated 1:1 advisory calls
  • 1 in depth private interview training
  • Personal CV and Cover Letter review
  • Tailored exercises to boost your profile 


The first 2 modules will be available on April 10th during a live call (but everything is recorded so you can access any time), Modules 3 & 4 will be delivered live roughly one week later.  Modules 5 &6  and all the bonuses will be available 3-4 weeks after launch. With your lifetime access can go through the course whenever you’d like.

Why The Program is the most cost-effective way to win the job-hunt

The only way to get a rewarding job is to do the things actually successful people do. It took me more than 10 years to figure out this exact blue-print. Years of hiring myself, dozens of talks with HR and Hiring managers, advising successful professionals in the most prestigious industries and finally researching the science of human behavior as a university professor.

Because it worked so well, I taught it to MBA students and managers in closed in-person workshops. However, these workshop costs several thousand Euros and can be out of reach for many professionals in their job-hunt.

Alternatively, you could hire a career coach (hopefully with a career on their own) who will show you similar exercises in 1:1 private session for $$$$.

In this program you get the same content that I would teach in private sessions for around 2000 – 3000 USD (not including pre and post work I would charge).

BUT importantly you save your most valuable resources: Your time!

I am still shocked how many professionals get stuck in never ending ‘transformation workshops’ that take months to complete and don’t offer you any concrete steps to win the job-hunt. They not only set you off hundreds of $ but you waste months of time procrastinating while the best job opportunities pass by.

I am convinced that if you came that far into this page and read all these details it proves you are willing to do the work required for a top level position and most likely all you need now are smart and effective steps to move to a great position.

With all my conviction I know you deserve advise that is proven and that helped me and other land 6-figure jobs.

 What the program could do for you.

Even if the only thing the program does is…

  • Save you from wasting 10s of hours on ineffective application hacks…
  • Improve your salary with my negotiation module by a mere 1% or a few hundred Euros (I strongly believe 10% - 20% is possible thus 5-15k higher salary)…
  • Knowing the tools how successful people reach goals are important to them and how to deal with failures.

Money you can always earn later, but having a fulfilling work-life on your terms is priceless!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 31 - Days

Still unsure if the Career Crash Course is right for you? Therefore I offer you four full weeks to try my strategies. If you do all the exercises and you are not seeing any professional growth with the program, then I´ll happily fully refund you the course.

I offer you this money-back guarantee because I am certain that you can benefit from the Career Crash Course as hundreds of my students (and I did) did. My goal is that you see how you can massively improve your job-hunt, risk-free. 

Nicolas possesses exceptionally comprehensive expert know-how and a great wealth of capabilities covering the entire area of HR and talent management. Able to express himself in an articulate, intelligible and succinct way, he is a persuasive communicator who presents talent topics in a structured and systematic manner, always accommodating the views of his audience.

Marie S. 

Senior Vice President & former Head of Human Capital
Swiss Re (Global Fortune 500)

Is this course for me?

I want you to get the most out of my course. Therefore I am fully honest on what you can expect (and not):


  • You want to  improve your application success rapidly by transforming your profile with concrete & proven action-steps
  • You have 2-8 years professional work experience and maybe got an MBA and now want to learn how to best kick-off your career (in a recession)
  • You know you are capable to not give up on your dream - career but feel overwhelmed in the job-hunt (I will show you tools to succeed while staying sane)
  • You are a determined professional who wants to enter a competitive industry (e.g. consulting, finance, tech or Fortune 500s)


  • You are searching a quick-fix but don´t want to invest time into your growth  
  • You have no work experience (although you will find my tools useful, you should at least be a recent graduate with internship experience to benefit)
  • You are severely struggling right now with depression, burnout or anxiety. (I recommend you to contact an independent health professional such as sinews.es)
  • You are a senior manager or executive (the job hunt here will be much more focused on personal contacts & headhunters and requires a detailed strategy - Ask about my enterprise solutions)

Even in a recession you can land an interesting and well-paying job. 

Do not miss out on finding a job you actually like and that pays well. You came so far already and invested too much time and effort in your professional growth. With the right steps and techniques you massively improve your application success and start to enjoy the job-hunt. 

Warning: This Program is Not a Get-Rich-Quick Business Opportunity

Unfortunately, there are many ´experts´ or gurus out there that will try to sell you ´systems´ to hack your way into success. Easy shortcuts, over night transformations and get rich fast schemes.

Someone will then promise you all the riches if you just: 1) subscribe to this one more workshop, 2) get this one last master class and have 3) this one last in person elite coaching. You may spend thousands of Euros on ineffective advice and worst may lose out on your job because you never started.

To be very clear and for any future confusion: This is not a Business Opportunity.

There is No Success Guarantee. This program will do nothing for you if you don´t work on yourself. I base the examples on actual experience but with no kind of guarantee for income, higher job positions or results.

In all honesty, I think everyone has to work for their own success. People may guide you, but ultimately you must become the professional yourself who actually is ready for a top job. What I am offering here is actual, real life and (science) proven job-hunt knowledge and techniques. If you want to succeed, you will have to be a professional and do the work.

What you make out of the program is up to you. I will try to help you on the way, but you will be solely responsible for your success.

If you dislike this and expect a transformation program where you don’t have to work or take no responsibility for your professional growth, then this page is not for you.

Let us stop the fake life-hacks & start using real tools

Trying to stay motivated in the job-hunt can be frustrating, lonely and simply overwhelming. During the last decade I am extremely grateful that I met role-models who showed me another way to land a great position.

This smart, effective and guided system not only gave me back my confidence in my own abilities to win the job-hunt but I am forever grateful that it taught me not to give on my dream job. I experienced first hand that with the right strategy and dedicated work I could have both: A job I actually like and that I pays well.

My hope that despite a challenging job-market, gaps in your CV or simply hearing NO too many times, with this program you gain back your confidence that you can win your job-hunt. That you start to see results in your applications. That you discover and use your unique strength to go for a position that YOU want.  And finally...That you realize you CAN become the confident professional who creates a rewarding work-life on their terms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any discounts available?

There is a 50% discount in the launch period for early birds. Otherwise, there won't be any discounts available, as this course already offers you in-depth training that would cost +300 EUR in per one-hour 1:1 sessions.
However, there are 5 full scholarships available for applicants facing financial difficulties. Preference will be given (in order): 1) People at risk of homelessness, 2) Working single parents, 3) Recent graduates receiving state scholarships, 4) late career shifters who are currently unemployed. Please reach out directly to me (Nicolas@deuschel.com). 

Can I not find the steps you mention for free online?

Of course, you can. However, it will most likely take you several weeks to learn the content all by yourself. I strongly believe your time is more worth than to spend it on evaluating job hunt techniques that in the end may not work.
In addition, you run the risk to use methods or tools that are too generic, do not work or simply are wrong and harm your job-hunt. From experience, you could spend all your time on one specific aspect of the job-hunt (applications) but then miss out all the other steps that are required to land a great job (see modules above). In general, I recommend you always check the background and the exact professional experience before you use any tools of ‘experts’.

Why should I take your course and not another course on coursera?

Coursera is a great option if you want to learn a specific academic skill (e.g. coding, python, machine learning). Professional development courses here are rare and are only offered in business school degrees that can costs several thousand dollars.

On the other hand, udemy and similar platform offer you very ‘light’ content on a specific topic. In my view you may spend (and waste) one hour on a course that is very generic and may then try to upsell you a more expensive virtual workshop for 1999 EUR. Save your time and money.

How much time will this course take (I am a busy professional/ MBA student)?

This is a great point as I know how hard it can be to balance your on-going professional job, the job-hunt and your private life. Right from the start my aim was to offer you a brief course that can bring you rapid results. Each module is maximum 1hr and is designed that you learn the most important tools right away. This way you can learn all the techniques on a Saturday.

While the modules build on each other they are independent so you can immediately improve your job-hunt. For example, if you quickly need to improve for an upcoming interview you could jump right away to module 4 (acing the interview) to apply the techniques right away. You can then still return to the other modules as you move on with the application process.

What experience do you have in the job-hunt? Are you a guru?

No I am not a guru and also not a coach. Many (career) coaches never hired themselves or build a successful career on their own. Their main business is to sell you unproven tools that stuck you into ever ongoing ‘self-improvement’ workshops.

My main profession is professor one of Europe’s leading business schools, while being a work psychologist and corporate advisor to senior manager. This course condenses all the techniques and tools that I used to land great positions during the last decade. Next to hiring in various industries I lead talent strategies as an HR Vice President, Corporate Advisor to CEOs and in workshops with HR leaders. I am very open about my experience and you can always reach out to me via LinkedIn.  

What guarantee can you give me?

I offer you a 21-days satisfaction guarantee. If you followed all the modules and did all the exercise and still are unsatisfied with your progress, then I will try to my best to find a solution for you. I know how hard it is to land a dream job on your own and therefore I will reach out to you directly to understand what challenges you face. If we do not find a solution after we talked I will happily re-imburse you the course.

I only need some specific advice (e.g. CV improvement, interview preparation). Do you offer this?

If you need specific advice on your CV or Cover letter, then you can either 1) reach out and volunteer to be a participant in my application booster session or 2) book an in depth 1:1 session (330EUR). The session will consist of a quick 15min call to understand your most pressing application needs and a follow-up 45min call with exact guidance. However, I only recommend this to mid-level professionals or MBA students. Please note that due to my research and corporate engagement spots are very limited (at most I offer 4 sessions a month).

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Still Have Questions? Let me answer your doubts!

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