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About the author:

Dr. Nicolas T. Deuschel

Dr. Nicolas Till Deuschel is work psychologist, corporate advisor and expert on employee effectiveness and the future of work. He builds on more than a decade recruitment and HR experience as a strategy consultant, VP in a Fortune 500 overseeing the entire HR strategy and as Human Capital Advisor to Multinationals.

With a Master from Oxford University and a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from ie business school his evidence-based tools equip driven professionals to own a fulfilling work life on their terms.

He developed his passion for understanding why and how employees thrive after graduating into the Financial Crisis of 2009 and starting his career in strategy consulting at McKinsey (London) and Roland Berger (Zurich). He quickly realized that especially high achieving professionals were struggling with sustaining their fulfilling work life. He therefore moved into a leadership position as a global Vice President at a Fortune 500 where he oversaw the entire HR Strategy and created an Engagement and Inclusion strategy.

As he knows how challanging it can be to find and keep a wellpaying job in a highly competitive work world, he is determined to help you with simple & effective steps so you land your dream job.