Deliver Workforce Impact: Proven Tools for Sustainable Change

I help decision-makers struggling with outdated workforce strategies. Leverage my rigorous approach and cutting-edge insights to create actionable, evidence-based blueprints that future-proof their workforce and position you as the go-to expert.

Generic solutions are no match for your specialized challenges. With a foundation in Fortune 500 strategies and human capital management, I deliver personalized solutions that drive your professional ascent and client success.


What steps do you need help with?

land my dream Job in a tough maket

A complete career crash-course designed for rapid results so you double your success across all stages in the job hunt. 

Build A Successful & fulfilling work-life

Select Master group for achievers where you learn proven action steps to adapt and thrive in every area of your work–life. On your terms.

develop my edge with  1:1 Advisory

1:1 advisory to help you gain clarity on where you stand, create a fitted action plan to leverage  so you don´t miss out on your work-life goals.

Hello, I am Nicolas

Strategist & Advisor for the New Era of Work. In a constantly changing world, achieving professional growth and a fulfilling work-life demands a forward-thinking, evidence-based approach.

My journey has been anything but conventional. From the high-stakes environment of strategy consulting at McKinsey & Roland Berger to transformative roles in global HR leadership within Fortune 500 companies, I've navigated the complexities of corporate success and personal fulfillment

Today, as a Corporate Advisor and Professor at Spain's Carlos III University, I blend academic insight with real-world experience to guide those at the forefront of business innovation.

I specialize in empowering CHROs, consulting partners, senior consultants, and coaches to overcome challenges like skills gaps, leadership development, and building adaptable workforces. Drawing on my M.Sc. from Oxford University and a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from IE Business School, I offer a unique perspective that merges organizational psychology with practical strategies for adaptability, resilience, and high performance.

My mission? To support you in navigating the future of work with confidence. Whether through strategic resilience consulting, science-backed coaching program development, or personalized advisory for decision-makers, I provide the tools and insights necessary for you to lead and succeed in today's dynamic world.

Let's embark on this journey together, crafting strategies that not only anticipate the challenges of tomorrow but seize them as opportunities for growth and innovation.

My solutions: No, it’s not the “guru fix”. It is evidence-based that works

Evidence-based: As a professor and researcher in Work Psychology I prohibit advise that is "half-baked" or was never tested. Instead I show you tools that are proven by science and show results to your professional challenge. 
I walk (ed) the talk: As a professional with more than 10 years experience in highly competitive industries I know how hard it is to keep growing and finding your way. Everything I show you is tested by myself and implemented in companies that I advised for years. 
I am not a coach but an advisor: You will not "find your inner child", spend hours trying to change your mindset or find the "miracle quick-fix". I offer you solutions and action steps that you implement into your life to see rapid results.  But don´t worry I will guide you on the way.  

Strategic Resilience and Adaptability Consulting

Navigate Change, Drive Performance

In today's dynamic landscape, success demands strategic resilience and adaptability. My consulting services are designed for strategy consulting firms and organizations eager to build a high-performance workplace ready to lead through change. Drawing on my global Fortune 500 experience and cutting-edge organizational psychology research, I empower you to transform your workplace culture – enhancing adaptability, resilience, and overall performance.

Building Science-Backed Coaching Programs

Differentiate Your Practice and Increase Your Earning Potential

Transform your coaching practice. My masterclasses and workshops empower coaches to integrate scientific principles and proven tools into compelling programs. Learn how to transition from traditional one-off coaching to a strategic advisory role, creating lasting impact and scaling your business.

Personalized Strategy Intensives for Decision Makers

Accelerate Success with Tailored Advisory

For CHROs, founders, and (venture) board members, achieving your future-of-work vision demands strategic clarity and actionable plans. My personalized advisory sessions are designed to address your unique challenges and opportunities. Drawing on my expertise in transformation and effective human capital management, I provide the insights and action plans needed to overcome roadblocks, execute your vision, and achieve unparalleled success.

Nicolas compassionate but frank advise during the last years helped me substantially to use my strengths more and move on fast from failures. His wellbeing advise was so valuable to deal with my hectic schedule as an executive and allowed me re-dicover my passions next to work. 

Richard Heer // CFO (Dutch Biotechnology Firm)

Ready to start growing a successful Work Life?

Begin with these simple steps:

Step: 1

We get to know each other.

We have a quick free 15min talk to understand how I can best help you. No pressure talk. The sole purpose is to see if we are a great fit, so we ensure the tools show rapid results.

Step: 2

Get a structured growth plan

Now we get to work fast. We first get clear on your professional challenges. Then I show you effective tools how you can achieve your professional goals. 

Step: 3

Transform & keep growing

You follow my plan that is fitted to you. But you won´t be left alone. For  all my solutions I check-in with you to make sure you see results & you stay on track to a fulfilling work-life. 

I love to Help you create a fulfilling work-life. write me!