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On Your Terms

I help ambitious professionals use evidence based tools & brief action steps to build a successful work-life on their terms -  so you achieve your professional goals while living a fulfilling life.  

 The 'one-size-fits-all life hacks' you’ve tried haven’t worked for you. My proven tools fit to your challenges & help you achieve the professional growth you’ve been working toward.

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land my dream Job in a tough maket

A complete career crash-course designed for rapid results so you double your success across all stages in the job hunt. 

Build A Successful & fulfilling work-life

Select Master group for achievers where you learn proven action steps to adapt and thrive in every area of your work–life. On your terms.

develop my edge with  1:1 Advisory

1:1 advisory to help you gain clarity on where you stand, create a fitted action plan to leverage  so you don´t miss out on your work-life goals.

Hello, I am Nicolas

Work Psychologist & Advisor, with the sole purpose to find and offer you the most Competent advise so you grow professionally and live a fulfilling work-life on your terms. 

It is hard to find your way in a competitive word. 

When you want to grow you are bombarded with ever new “life-hacks”, “best-practices” and “guru get rich fast” advise that does not work.

It can feel like a lonely battle especially as you hear well-meaning but useless advice from people that don’t get it.

I get it - You came so far already, invested years into yourself and know you should not give up on your work-life goal.

As an ambitious professional you deserve clear, concise and competent advise from someone who did it.

For more than a decade I re-created a work-life on my terms: starting in strategy consulting at McKinsey & Roland Berger, to becoming a global HR Vice President at a Fortune 500 - to finally building MY way as Corporate Advisor & Professor at Spain´s leading Carlos III University. 

I offer you evidence-based tools that are fitted to your unique professional challenges. Everything is backed by science and builds on my research,
 my M.Sc. from Oxford University and  Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from ie business school. 

But I ensure my tools actually work. For years I advised executives, founders and HR leaders across in leading companies. 

My solutions: No, it’s not the “guru fix”. It is evidence-based that works

Evidence-based: As a professor and researcher in Work Psychology I prohibit advise that is "half-baked" or was never tested. Instead I show you tools that are proven by science and show results to your professional challenge. 
I walk (ed) the talk: As a professional with more than 10 years experience in highly competitive industries I know how hard it is to keep growing and finding your way. Everything I show you is tested by myself and implemented in companies that I advised for years. 
I am not a coach but an advisor: You will not "find your inner child", spend hours trying to change your mindset or find the "miracle quick-fix". I offer you solutions and action steps that you implement into your life to see rapid results.  But don´t worry I will guide you on the way.  

KickStart Your Career Program

If you want a great job in this tough market you need a proven system to step ahead of the competition.

Complete 6-step online program: Brief but high impact class, with the sole purpose to optimize your job hunt fast. Build on my years of experience in HR, Recruiting,  countless conversations with Talent Heads to optimize your application deck. Use the latest science in work-psychology to learn concrete & proven tools to stand-out from the competition. Design a winning profile, double your interview call-backs & increase your salary by up to 15%. 

Master Group: Own your Work-Life 

Once you want to grow professionally to the next level,  it’s time to use effective methods fitted to your unique challenges and to stop what everyone else does.  

This is a highly selective & engaging master group with a maximum of 6 high achievers. Together, I guide your growth with my AMOR (Authentic, Motivation, Opportunity & Resilience) framework - based on latest science from Stanford and Columbia University. We get clear on your authentic style that energizes your motivation to build a work-life on your term. You learn the action-steps to to find new opportunities in any situation and fit evidence-based tools to your challenges so you stay resilient in your growth.  Over 5 weeks a community of like-minded people champion your progress so you see rapid results at work & life. 

Private 1:1 Advisory  

Your life & career has so much to offer that it can be overwhelming to know what to do.

This is a tailored advisory program for your unique needs, goal & dreams.  

Due to my corporate engagements and my promise to only committ 100% to you professional growth currenly there are only 2 spots left.

Nicolas compassionate but frank advise during the last years helped me substantially to use my strengths more and move on fast from failures. His wellbeing advise was so valuable to deal with my hectic schedule as an executive and allowed me re-dicover my passions next to work. 

Richard Heer // CFO (Dutch Biotechnology Firm)

Ready to start growing a successful Work Life?

Begin with these simple steps:

Step: 1

We get to know each other.

We have a quick free 15min talk to understand how I can best help you. No pressure talk. The sole purpose is to see if we are a great fit, so we ensure the tools show rapid results.

Step: 2

Get a structured growth plan

Now we get to work fast. We first get clear on your professional challenges. Then I show you effective tools how you can achieve your professional goals. 

Step: 3

Transform & keep growing

You follow my plan that is fitted to you. But you won´t be left alone. For  all my solutions I check-in with you to make sure you see results & you stay on track to a fulfilling work-life. 

I love to Help you create a fulfilling work-life. write me!